Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Greetings from Prague!

We arrived safe and sound in Prague, our first stop on the big VolunTour. There are a bunch of Aussies waiting for the internet so this must be brief. All in all, Prague is adorable with its quaint cobblestone alleys. Kris and I try to pronounce words but it usually sounds like Baklava or Anna Kornikova when we say it. The locals laugh at us in a "we´re definitely laughing at you not with you" way. Today we took a lovely stroll along the river to Vyrshtad, and then took in the lovely greenery there. Not sure what it is exactly. Kings quarters, a cemetary, a pretty church. Then we attempted to walk to the train with the goal of hitting the Yellow Market. That resulted in a 2 hour walk in the same general vicinity and no sight of the train. So we strolled back, stopping for a delicious yogurt on the way. I don´t know what the Europeans do to their yogurt but it is far superior to American yogurt.

We´ve posted some pictures to our Flickr page, but the internet is slow, so we´ll post the rest another time.

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AnnieD said...

Wow! Great photos, great times! Have a wonderful day! Can't wait to hear more...