Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The itinerary is set! (Sort of).

Looks like we're long overdue for an update about our trip. In just over a month, we'll be setting out from NYC, headed to Prague with a few days to make our way to Budapest where we'll meet our fellow Habitat for Humanity volunteers and get started on that adventure. We've gotten some basic info about the other 12 people in our group, and are really looking forward to meeting everyone in person. We'll be receiving details about the building project we'll be working on and will share them here as soon as we get them.

We're really in the home stretch here. We've sort of finalized the packing list. We're planning to just have one carry-on bag each for the whole trip which will really makes packing a bit interesting. We've gotten stuck with all the vaccines we'll need. Or at least the ones that we're told we need. We're gonna bathe in bug spray just to be safe. And, we've got our itinerary somewhat set.

Here it is (Volunteer projects are in italics):

July 6th- NYC to Prague

July 18th-July 31st: Habitat for Humanity, Hungary

August 12th- Istanbul to Bangkok

August 18th-August 31st: Tsunami Volunteer Center, Thailand

September 8th-September 19th: WLS, Cambodia

October 5th- Bangkok to San Francisco

October 8th- San Francisco to Belize City

Details on Volunteering in Belize still in the works.

October 30th- Belize City to San Jose, Costa Rica

November 5th-November 16th: Pura Suerte, Costa Rica

November 19th- San Jose to New Orleans

November 19th-November 24th: Katrina Relief, New Orleans

November 25th: Home for Thanksgiving!

We've got some vague plans in the works for our between volunteer gigs travel plans but all suggestions are encouraged! We'll update this itinerary as we get more details.

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Good Luck & Be Careful!