Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Czech it out.

We promise we're having a better time than this picture would lead you to believe. Here we were coming out of our dorm at the "hostel" in Bratislava, Slovakia. The university dorms are converted to hostel rooms in the summer. They were simple, to say the least.

Now for the cutest town you've ever seen...

Cesky Krumlov. It sounds like something out of a movie and it looks like it too. It has everything from quaint cobblestone streets, to a castle with a bear moat, kielbasa being barbecued on the corner, and funny Irishmen. Pay it a visit if you can.

Now we're coming to you from the Villa Benjamin hostel in Lake Balatan, Hungarz. That's actually Hungary but the z and y are switched on this computer. Lake Balatan offers a taste of the Jersey Shore complete with ill-fitting acid wash shorty shorts and overpriced fried food. But with a hint of paprika. All the guide books told us the Hungarians love their paprika and lo and behold, it's right there on the table with the salt and pepper.

We're gearing up to meet our crew from Habitat this Saturday. After a night in Budapest we'll head to Hadju and get to work. Stay tuned for more details!


Ev said...

Shouldn't that be the Jersez Shore, then?!? :-) Glad you two are having fun!
Don't know about anyone else, but I'm checking the blog almost daily; look forward to more posts and pics!

Jim C said...

I'm checking too! Sounds way better than work right now.

Be careful.

AnnieD said...

Yes, keep 'em coming! I want to read daily funny stories a la two of the funniest fun people I know! Can't wait to hear about the building and the other spices you'll encounter.

Colleen said...

More! More! More! Can't you two take a break from building homes for deserving people to blog for people with already built homes?