Monday, September 1, 2008

Blueberries and Banana Leaves

Pi is packing heat
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TVC partners with Home and Life Orphanage on Tuesday nights to do English education, play games, cooking classes, etc. The home was started by a couple who had an orphanage up north but thought there might be a need in this area after the Tsunami, so Home and Life was born. The "parents" looked no older than me and care for the 25 kids who live there on their own. Some of the children are orphans from the Tsunami, others are from poor families who can not afford to raise them. The kids all attend school and are also taught traditional Thai dancing, as well as the English taught on Tuesday nights.

The kids were excited and polite as they greeted the TVC crew with open arms. Well, actually it was more like folded hands...the polite way to greet or thank someone in Thailand. The kids names often translate to English words, sometimes they end up being beautiful other times unfortunate. Last night we taught the most adorable Blueberry ever. There was also a Banana Leaf in the bunch. Both were such hard workers and willing to give anything we asked a try. Although Pi didn't take his eyes off the lesson, he kept his hand on his toy gun...just in case anyone got out of hand I'm guessing. Supaporn and Poo are two of the more unfortunate names...however, their smiles and Khawp Kun Ka's (thank yous) made up for anything else.

We concluded our two week stint in Khao Lak and have moved to Railey, a beachy island with plenty of lounging and not much else to do. After a few days here we are off on what seems like might turn out to be an epic journey into Cambodia to volunteer again. Can't wait to see if it is just as amazing as Thailand...

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