Tuesday, August 5, 2008


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I never knew how houses were insulated before and I have no idea if this was just the Hungarian way, but we spent many hours climbing the scafoldiıng puttiıng up this white styrofoam insulatıon all over this house. It not only covered the outside walls, but also the floor inside. We became "experts" at measuring to the centimeter, guessiıng upcoming angels, and giving Hungarian haircuts. A Hungarian haircut was when all else failed in the measuring department and we just needed a tad off. Since it was styrofoam, we could rub off the excess. Again, perfect construction skills at work. We got very excited when we cut a "miracle" piece on the first shot. Our team member, Danıca, got had three miracles while on the highest of scafolding...not an easy task! Anyway, I hope that the family in this place might not be too chilly this wiınter.

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